I decided to put some of the tips I have run across over the past few years.

  Delete a file called lpt1 when nothing else will.
  Telnetting to E-Mail server
  Telnetting to News server
  Cracking a Win NT4 Workstation laptop
  How to pick a really secure password
  Lock down browser home page
  Calculate Bandwidth
  Quick display of MS Knowledge Base articles
  Quick Keys
  Cabling info
  Manually remove print drivers
  Manually delete print shares
  Many Internet Explorer tips and tricks
  Many NT Tips and tricks
  NetSH Tips
  Is NT SP6a installed
  Make changes to the shared border file
  Differences in DVD types
  Deleting NICs not visible
Getting XP / 2k3 to search for text strings in files
  Delete entries in the run menu