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WebCrawler is one of the fastest search engines on the Internet.

Yahoo is the oldest, largest and most popular Internet directory, and is an excellent place to beginning searching for general or topical information.

Google allows you to search through millions of current and archived postings from Usenet newsgroups.

Digital's AltaVista indexes the full text of every web page it finds, making it excellent for detailed searches. It can also search in more than a dozen languages and translate the results.

Dogpile is a meta-search engine that sends simultaneous queries to several major search engines and then returns the results from each, categorizing them by search engine.

Excite is a powerful general purpose search engine with a number of free value-added features such as a Web guide, news, weather and e-mail.

Infoseek is a general purpose search engine that sports a number of advanced features such natural language queries (i.e. "What is the weather in Boston?").

HotBot is a good choice for general searching as it uses parallel computing technology to search its large index extremely fast.

Lycos is one of the top Internet search engines and is excellent for general purpose use. It has the ability to find pictures or sound files instead of web pages.

MetaCrawler searches several popular search engines simultaneously and collates the results. Because it returns only the best of what it finds, it often generates the most accurate results.

LookSmart is a medium-size web directory. Like its cousin Yahoo, it organizes sites into categories.

Northern Light searches the web as well as a database of more than a million pay-per-access articles that are not available anywhere else.

All the web searches the web . Has menus for searching different languages, news, pictures, videos, mp3 files, and ftp files from their main page.

Direct Hit searches the web, also has an advanced search as well as search catagories.

Go searches the web as well as news/sports headlines

My Net Crawler searches the web without advertisements. Also lists MSN and AltaVista searches on the same page

whatUseek searches the web as well as dictionary / encylopedia entries, and weather lookups