My Certification Page


Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer {NT 4}
    Internet Information Server 4
    Exchange 5.5
    Systems Management Server 2.0
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer {Windows 2000}
    Design Win2000 Directory Services Infrastructure
    Migrating from Windows NT to Windows 2000
    Exchange 2000 Server Administration
    Windows 2000 Advanced Server Clustering Services
Cisco Certified Network Associate
Accredited Compaq Technician
    Compaq Systems Architecture {Proliant servers}
Citrix Certified Administrator 1.8
Sun Certified System Administrator - Solaris 8
Sun Certified Network Administrator - Solaris 8

My technique for passing exams is hands on:
    Hands on the equipment
    Hands on testing as much of the software as possible, all options and possible scenarios
I  use study guides, mainly Exam Cram & Sybex
    I set set up a lab to test the concepts stressed in the study guides

This technique leave me pretty ragged after the exam2OOGC1.GIF (5621 bytes) but I come out of the experience with more than just a paper certificate.

This page should always be growing.

I am running a Windows 2000 LAN in my house. My main client is XP pro, but with  removable drives and Ghost that can change within 2 - 3 minutes

The Windows 2003 exams are out, but so far I have seen little study material on the subject. I have the software and hardware ready to start studying, but am waiting on books and study guides before doing the 2 upgrade exams. Citrix XP 1.0 has a new exam {222} but there are no books on the subject or I would give that one a try.